Tim Garrison has been practicing physical therapy in Maryland and California for over 15 years. Tim has treated a wide array of orthopedic conditions by working predominantly in an outpatient orthopedic and sports medicine setting. He treats patients with special emphasis on manual therapy techniques for the spine and extremities.  Tim has worked with high school, college, and professional athletes, as well as weekend warriors.

He has treated both surgical and non-surgical patients, with the goal of restoring maximum function so patients can return to their normal lives and activities. Tim takes pride in treating each patient individually, taking into consideration their lifestyle and prior level of function when creating a physical therapy treatment plan. 

After completing Pre physical therapy coursework at Salisbury University, Tim went on to get his Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy from University of Maryland Eastern Shore. During his years of practice, Tim has been a clinic director, staff therapist, and contract therapist for local and national rehabilitation companies. 


Tim is also is a Certified to Dry Needle in the State of Maryland and holds a CMTPT certification from The Myopain Institute. He is certified as well from American Institute of Balance(AIB) in Vestibular Rehabilitation. (AIB-VR) This makes Tim qualified to address clients after concussions from car accidents and sports as well as dizziness conditions. Tim also has gained certification in use of IASTM or Instument assisted Soft tissue massage called FMS.

Tim has a special interest in running and treating the injured runner as well as shoe wear. He uses the Keith Christiansen method of running analysis and to address pathologies. Tim has completed one full marathon in 2017 exactly 2 years after his second ankle surgery for a severe injury. Tim empathizes with those who have pain but refuse to let that stop them from completing life goals.

When not working, Tim enjoys spending time with wife and his two sons and being a coach to their soccer teams . He also participates in running training and is passionate about running races for charity. Tim also plays a regular adult soccer games for exercise. Tim lives in Maryland.